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1/2 Dot Boomerangs

These hardwood boomerangs are hand painted in Australia by Aboriginal artists. Each boomerang is unique. Colours and dot patterns vary and are supplied as assorted designs.

Dot painting is a traditional Aboriginal visual art form. The medium is covered in small dots of paint which create patterns and symbols and often tell a story.

Originally dot painters used natural pigments such as achre and crushed seeds to create the artwork. Today, however, acylic paint is used which enables the use of brighter colours and lasting artwork.


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1/2 Dot Boomerang
with Bag

Available in the following sizes:

08" • $19.90 + GST

10" • $22.90 + GST

12" • $25.90 + GST

Personalisation Options:

1. Your logo & Corporate Message printed onto card attached to calico bag.

Packaging Options:

Supplied in calico bag with Aboriginal design