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Australian Spice Pack

Great gift pack with three of Australia's favourite Spice Pack's. Your cooking will never the same with this spice pack. The flavours of Australia.


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Australian Spice Pack

Pepper Mix
Enhanced with Native Mountain Pepper Berry and Aniseed Myrtle. Sprinkle over favourite BBQ meats to marinate for a short time before cooking.

Spice Mix
Sprinkle this delicious spicy blend, featuring Australian Pepper Berry. Sprinkle over seafood or chicken while cooking. Press into meats and char grill - delicious!

Salt Flakes
Harvested from the pristine waters of Australia's Southern Ocean using time honoured solar evaporation methods. Free of any additives, this 100% natural product will complement and enhance the flavours in your cooking.

Price: $29.95 + GST

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